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Photo of statue and winery building
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Pioneer Spirit inspiring our winemaking...

Karmère’s roots are steeped in the U.S. West’s agricultural history. Karmère’s 89 bare acres were purchased in 1995 from the sale of Marilyn’s share of her family farm, “J Lazy H Ranch,” her parent’s potato, grain, and sporadic cattle farming operation in Southeastern Idaho (Teton and Madison Counties). Marilyn is the fourth generation of farmers (both paternal and maternal) who originally homesteaded in the American West as Mormon pioneers.

Marilyn as an attorney and Todd as an optometrist assumed they would be growers of grapes as this land was purchased under an IRS 1031 Real Property Like Kind Exchange. This was their first planting of grapes and they were excited to become growers never dreaming there would be a winery. It all changed in 2000 when Sutter Home decided to not renew their evergreen contracts with many growers in the Shenandoah Valley.


The name "Karmère" (car-mare) is in honor of Marilyn's mother.

photo of the winery building
hero label

The Whimsical where and why of wine...

Hayley, our daughter and tasting room manager sets the tone as fun, friendly, and unpretentious while offering the where and whys of our fine wines. Most of our staff have been with us for years and have their own tasting room groupies. They have been given the nick-names as "Cupcake", "Boomer", and "The Old Barrel Guy".

Laughter, Sincerity, and honesty is our never ending goal.

Todd & Marilyn


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